Tolki Animal Kingdom Set: Pen, Book and Stickers

Type: Books

Introducing Tolki: The game-changing educational experience where this talking pen is the key to unlocking a world where books and everyday objects come alive with stories and knowledge.

What’s included in this set:

The Tolki Talking Pen - A responsive pen that interacts with the Tolki books or can be used to make your own recordings using included stickers. 

Animal Kingdoms Book: where the wild and the wonderful animal kingdom will come to life off the page, where learning and activities await. 

108 Tolki stickers: To use to record your own or your loved ones voices. Some creative uses include: 

Learning multiple languages - record different names of objects in multiple languages at once 

Record Personal messages - place in special locations when your little ones want to hear your voice 

Use with photos - Record messages for loved ones in photos to play 

Story time re-imagined  - get loves ones to read your favourite books at any time

Essentials Kit: Charging/connecting cable, adapter, pen stand, and handbook -

And here’s the clincher: Get the Tolki Talking Pen once, and you’re set for all future Tolki tales and sticker escapades. It’s the beginning of a never-ending exploration, where learning knows no bounds. 

About the book 'Animal Kingdoms': The book will guide you thematically through eight different environments of our planet, such as forest, savannah, desert, sea, and more. On each page, you will learn what animals live in each respective environment, what their names are, what sounds they make, and what makes them interesting. You can then test your knowledge with fun quizzes'

Over 900 sounds and texts on 16 interactive pages

About the Tolki Pen: The re-chargeable Tolki pen is compatible with all Tolki books, you only need to buy the pen once. It comes pre-charged and ready to use, the content of the 'Animal Kingdoms' book is already saved. Pen accessories include: charger, USB cable, Guide to the Tolki World. The electronic talking pen also includes a headphone jack (headphones are not included) and a slot for an external MicroSD card with a capacity of up to 32GB.

Technical specifications: 16GB memory, USB 2.0, high-speed connection, Li-ion battery, built-in rechargeable 365 mA / 3.7 V, charger, 500 mA / 5V, compatible with Windows OS.

About the Tolki stickers

Easy and intuitive: Bring any object to life by putting a sticker on it and recording a custom sound or text that can be played back whenever the pen tips on it.

Each set contains 108 stickers

NoteThe stickers only work in combination with a Tolki pen

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