The Il Grande Set no


The “Il Grande”…the perfect combination of instruments all in one box! We have designed this box specifically for what we think are the essential to starting your bubs and toddlers on their first instruments.

Our Montessori designed set includes metal xylophone, maracas, clapping sticks, triangle, tambourine, chime bar, paddle drum, bell shaker and castanets. Created with love all of our sets include a complimentary music bag which can be personalised as well. We hope these sets can keep you occupied during lockdown and beyond!

Our instruments are made of a mix of different woods. These include a mixture of pine, poplar, stink wood, birch, beech and mahogany. All wood used is sustainable.


• Designed for children 12 months plus. Instruments should be used with a parent or guardian present. Though our instruments smell yummy, they are not for teething and some may contain small parts.