Monopoly: Hyundai A-League Edition

Type: Toys & Games

The crossover we've all been waiting for! A-League soccer fans can finally play their favourite board game that celebrates their favourite sporting code. It's the same Monopoly game you know and love, just instead of buying streets and hotels, you're buying teams and stadiums! 

What you need to know:

  • Hyundai A-League Monopoly Board Game
  • Pack contents: 
  • Tour Hyundai A-League Monopoly for the hottest properties: teams, awards and locations are all up for grabs!
  • Invest in stands and stadiums, then watch the rent come pouring in
  • Make deals with other players and look out for bargains at auction, there are many ways to get what you want
  • Stay sharp - because there is only room at the top for one - for everyone else, there’s bankruptcy
  • Trade your way to success - you can own it all!
  • 2-6 Players
  • Ages 8 and up