Glow Snow


Glow snow - 30ml pet plastic bottle with bamboo lid.

This is the perfect fun creating spooky halloween scenes, or just using in your frankenstein & monster science experiments.

Allow the glow snow to activate by leaving it in the sunlight for about 10 minutes. Best when spread out on a plate so the whole ingredient can absorb the sunlight.

Pour over small amounts of water and watch it bloom, or for an instant snow explosion add a whole cup of water to the bottle of snow. For the best spooky fun it is best done in the dark (or in a dark room at least)

One bottle will make approximately 3 cups of instant snow.

Contains: fizzing ingredient in 30ml pet plastic bottle with a bamboo cap.

Ingredients: instant snow, glow in the dark mica mica and biodegradable glitter

• Made in Australia

• Weight: 40.8 g (1.4 oz)