Uno Junior Move!

Type: Toys & Games

UNO Junior Move! card game plays like classic UNO Junior by matching colour and number, but Special Moves! cards will have players jumping, dancing, clapping, or bending whenever they play a card with a special Star icon on it. It's an active way to learn to play and great fun on game night with 2 to 4 players ages 3 years old and up. Colours and decorations may vary.​

What you need to know:

  • ​UNO Junior Move! is an active way to for kids and families to play the beloved UNO card game!
  • ​Game play is like classic UNO but with three different levels so younger players can grow with the game.
  • ​Beginner Level focuses on matching colour or number cards.
  • ​Intermediate Level adds Wild Cards and certain Action Cards to the deck to pick up the pace.
  • ​Advanced Level adds penalty cards (Draw 1 and Draw 2) to increase the stakes.
  • ​Anytime a player plays a card with a Star Icon on it, they MUST perform the action on their Move! card.
  • ​The game makes a great gift for kids, families and game night!

Ages 3+