Sande Kids™ Beach Hauler


The Sande Kids Beach Hauler™ is made for off-road where the old beach cart can’t venture… Load it up and carry it on your shoulder while you have a surfboard under one arm and a baby on your hip.

    This oversized beach bag has a giant 110 litre capacity and holds up to 10kg. It is strong and durable, made from a PVC mesh so that sand can sift through. Ideal for bulky beach toys, towels and beach blankets...even a beach chair... 

    Thick cotton straps allow for comfortable carrying. An internal canvas pocket and key clip provides a safe place for car keys and valuables such as; phones, sunglasses etc.

    Made in a neutral tone to complement the beach environment as well your beautiful beach gear... 


    • Extra-large - 110 litre capacity
    • Holds up to 10kg
    • Mesh allows sand to sift through
    • Comfortable carrying
    • Secure pocket/key clip for valuables

      Dimensions - 64cm x 33cm x 48cm, handle length 80cm.