NASA Telescope


A genuine NASA telescope to investigate near to the horizon, observe the moon, and map the celestial time. This high-quality children's telescope has an interchangeable 6 mm and 12 mm eyepiece with 50 and 100 times magnification and a 50 mm lens. The telescope is equipped with a sturdy tripod, extendable height of up to 130 cm, for stability and easy manoeuvrability. Its advanced features allow young astronomers to explore the moon's surface in great detail and track the movement of stars and planets across the night sky.

This astronomy lab also includes a 3x magnification Barlow lens and viewfinder to guide the telescope and help your child find things faster.

An easy to assemble and easy to carry entry-level telescope for children, suitable for all situations.

The illustrated scientific manual accompanies your child when assembling and discovering astronomy principles. A perfect scientific toy to let children approach astronomy easily and funny.

Age 8+