Mindful Potion Kit - Enchanted Garden

Type: Potion Kit

This enchanted and whimsical potion making kit is for those curious about making flower elixirs to entice fairies into your garden, to dance with pixies and to create a love potion that will truly let you love the person inside you.


Comes with:

3 x dry ingredients in cotton pouches.

1 x dry Ingredient in reusable PET plastic bottles with bamboo screw cap

2 x sparkly liquids in reusable PET plastic bottles with bamboo screw cap. 'Potion Stone' amulet with flower motif Positivity Potion Cards

- including 4 x recipe cards with affirmations,1 x create-your-own potion card, 1 x ingredients index card.

Ages 5+

*Box size 16x16cm*

We encourage adult supervision while playing with this kit, helping children to find the answers they are seeking. These kits are recommended for ages 5+

All ingredients are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, potions are not for consumption.