Tiny Harlow Doll's Stroller 2.0 - Lilac Daisy

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At Tiny Harlow we have Reworked our Original Dolls Stroller design which we launched back in 2021 and have made it 10 times stronger then the original .

Rome wasn't built in a day , and neither was the Tiny Harlow dolls stroller 2.0 , our first release left us in a bit of a pickle as we were not entirely happy with the stroller frame quality.

We still have some stock of the original up at only $15 which comes  the original covers which will also be inter changeable on your your new stroller 2.0 should you want some spare covers to use on your new stroller.

We have spent months and months of testing and re working the frame to make sure that we hit the spot with what was our most popular toy 2021 and we are confident we the Tiny Harlow stroller 2.0 is going to do just that.
  • lightweight
  • foldable
  • washable
  • interchangeable designs
  • supervised play for under 3 years 

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So cute my little girl loves