Unplug-365 Fun, Family-Friendly Activities for Kids

Type: Books

365 Fun, Family-Friendly Activities for Kids Step away from your tablet and take a screen break!

With projects, crafts, games, and experiments, there’s off-screen fun for every single day of the year. With straightforward step-by-step instructions and colorful illustrations, these entertaining, budget-friendly projects will keep kids learning all day long, every day of the year.

Using easy-to-find-at-home materials - MAKE slime, marble paint, piñatas, and papier-mâché GROW strawberries, bottle gardens, and herb pots BAKE cake pops, twist pizzas, and muffins in a mug EXPERIMENT with vinegar rockets, lava lamps, and parachutes INVENT secret messages, spooky stories, and board games PLAY jump rope, balloon volley, ball games, and eye-spy RECYCLE trash into treasure and T-shirts into bags PERFORM magic tricks, shadow plays, and puppet shows Paperback


Ages 4 +