Felt Sweet Stegosaurus Dinosaur Turquoise

Type: Toys & Games

Sweet Stegosaurus, Turquoise Felt Dinosaur

Sweet Stegosaurus is the politest boy, he is gentle, kind and is most content when everyone is happy and having fun. Sweet Stegosaurus will draw and paint for hours pawing through his crayons, pencils and paints to find his favourite colour in different shades of blue!

No need to worry about toxins and plastics with our joyful stegosaurus, because these beautiful pieces are fun as they are natural. Unique and handmade each dinosaur will inspire imaginative and creative play as children create new worlds in another time. 

As a handmade product, each toy will vary slightly.

To clean, wipe with a damp cloth.
Felt dinosaur stands approximately 17cm tall
Biodegradable and sustainable
Suitable for ages 3+