Schylling – Nee-Doh Dohnut

Type: Toys & Games

Chillll ouuuuut! Take some time to mellow out and decompress with this Nee Doh Dohnut. This soothing, stress ball is the perfect fidget toy to squish, squeeze and smush. Tasty as a treat, this flavorful fidget toy will always return to it's original form, for endless fidget sessions.

What's a Nee-Doh? It's a stress ball with durable squish that helps you mellow out and soothe your soul. A Nee-Doh Dohnut will further help you de-stress because it looks like a donut and donuts are wonderful. The Schylling Nee-Doh Dohnut is filled with a non-toxic, dough-like compound that is fun to squeeze and always returns to its original shape.

What you need to know:

 Nee Doh Dohnuts measure about 3.25" in diameter and are about 1.5" thick.

 Material: Plastic

 Suitable for ages 3+

Please note: Colour is picked at random, Styles Vary.