Highlighters – Mini Monster Fruity Scent


It doesn’t get any cuter than the Mini Monster Scented highlighters. Your child will have a silly companion while coloring, and the neon colors and fruity scents make coloring fun!

Don’t worry, these mini monsters are here for a creative playful accomplice and are far from scary. Pocket-sized markers with monstrously bright colours.

Take your neon writing needs on the go with Mini Monsters Scented Markers. Writes with bold and bright neon colours and screams “Fun” with goofy monster faces.

Comes in six sweet smelling scents (Melon, Banana, Orange, Strawberry, Grape and Blueberry).

What you need to know:

-Small Monster Shaped Markers

-Neon Colours

-Fruity Scents

-Set of 6