Marbling Paint - 12 Colours Craft Kit


12 colour marbling paints and assorted tools to help with creating beautiful and unique patterns.

This marbling set from Jar Melo is the perfect craft activity set to make your own unique marbled paper. Simply fill a tray (included) with water and the special solution, then add droplets of the marbling paint to the water.

The paint will go to the surface of the water, and you can add as many colours and as much colour as you like. Next, swirl the water gently with the enclosed rod, creating psychedelic patterns and shapes. Once you're happy with your colour pattern, gently lay a piece of paper down, on top of the water. Leave it to sit for a minute, then gently pull up the paper from one edge and see the coloured paint on the paper. Lay your paper down and let it dry. Once dry, you can use your one of a kind paper to make cards, gifts, and other paper craft projects.

The marbling kit contains all the tools you need. Including 12 bottles of paint(16ml for each), a bottle powder, 10 drawing papers, 3 needle rods, a straw, a
scraper, a measuring spoon, a tray and instruction manual.

The paints are safe to use and non-toxic.

Material: paper, plastics, pigment.
Product Size: 30cmLx22.5cmWx4.5cmH.
Weight 760g.
Plastic Tray: 25cmx18cmx3cm.

Ages: 3+