MakeMUD Playdough Powder - Terracotta

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Just add water to create your own all-natural playdough, made with real mud!

This MakeMUD is made with the rich red sand of Australia's desert dunes, creating a rusty brown shade of playdough, reminiscent of terracotta earthenware. High in clay density, this playdough is perfect for stamping and shaping.

Like all of our MakeMUD products, the natural soil component has been safely sterilised to eliminate all live matter, then mixed with food-grade ingredients.

  • Requires 40-60 mL of hot water, directions on pouch
  • After making, playdough lasts for 6 months in airtight container
  • Contains 200g of dry playdough mix
  • Packaged in a compostable pouch
  • No added colours or fragrance
  • Developed and handmade in Melbourne, Australia by Muddly Puddly Laboratory (a mum and her kids)

Recommended for ages 3+ years, adult supervision required. Like all playdough, this is a toy and is not suitable for consumption.