Magic Dust - Green Lucky Fairy

Type: Potion Kit

The colour fairies help spread colour throughout the world. Each and every colour fairy is in charge of their own colour, all having a special power. They sprinkle their magic dust everywhere they go, helping to rejuvenate our colourful world and give renewed strength and hope where needed.

I am the LUCK fairy. I have a deep connection with earth and like to bring new growth and health during times of change. I love to use my green sparkles in times when I feel nervous or anxious. Use my dust in potions to help with nerves in times of change or in potions related to growth. Be careful where you leave my sprinkles, it may grow lucky money trees.

Add this magic dust to your potion making for extra fizz, sparkle and magic. For optimum fizz, slowly add teaspoons of water to the magic dust.

What you need to know:

-Bottles are 30ml PET plastic with a bamboo cap. Please reuse me!*

-Contains Non-Toxic ingredients and Bio-Glitter

-Ingredients: bicarb, citric acid, food dye, mica and bio glitter

Age 3+