Yumbox Flip Snack Sack

Color - Happy Bread Blue Colour

Like Robin to Batman, Scooby to Shaggy or Tinkerbell to Peter Pan, the Flip Snack Sack is the Zip Snack Sack’s ultimate sidekick. Made from the same certified organic cotton and tested, food-safe lining as all Fluf products, the Flip Snack Sack is pre-shrunk and fully machine washable.

It has a handy velcro closure, making it super easy for small hands, and its roomy interior lets you pack all of your… uhh, we mean your kids’, favourite snacks. To wash, simply rinse the lining with mild soap and water (it dries instantly) or toss the whole thing into the washing machine on a warm, delicate cycle and leave to air dry. It’s just like an affordable, reusable, adorable snap seal bag – only it doesn’t suck for the planet. Score!