Deer-licious Ice Cream Kit - Vanilla

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Type: DIY Kit

Ice cream reindeer sundaes.... the perfect Christmas treat and activity for a hot summers day.

Our easy Peasy ice cream is basically magic for kids. Empty the packet into a bowl, add some milk, mix and freeze. Annnd abra-cadabra, you have delicious, creamy, vanilla ice cream.

This kit also includes a craft activity to decorate your own (compostable) ice cream cups, chocolate and templates to create your own chocolate antlers AND a colouring activity to decorate your own ice cream cups.  It's just so much festive fun. 

And like everything at Easy Peasy, this kit is 100% natural. No nasties, only yummies. That means all natural ice cream, no artificial flavours or colours, and eco friendly packaging. 

What you need to know:

  • Vanilla ice cream mix to make approx. 500ml of ice cream (vegan option available)
  • Chocolate
  • Red chocolate balls 
  • 4 compostable ice cream cups
  • 4 ice cream cup wrappers to colour in and attach
  • Reindeer antler templates 
  • Easy to follow instructions

 This kit has a shelf life of approx. 6 months if stored in a cool dry location.