Makedo Cardboard Hardware - Extra Screws

Type: Toys & Games

Top up your Makedo cardboard construction tools with:

50x Makedo SCRU XL

See how easy it is to connect more cardboard using Makedo cardboard construction tools!

Use the Makedo SCRU-DRIVER and SCRU XL to join 3 or more layers of cardboard together. Simply punch a hole through the material, insert the SCRU XL into the socket on the end of the SCRU-DRIVER, and then with a few quick turns the cardboard will be securely joined.

What you need to know:

Kit Contains:

- 50 x XL screws - Connects up to six layers of corrugated cardboard.

Ages 4 +

Kids love their boxes! Gift them this starter toolbox of Makedo to take that love of making and play into another realm of imagination. This is pure, no-tech (but tech-friendly*) fun for girls and boys. * incorporate other tech maker products to add movement and light to your creations