All About - Animals Magnetic Educational Puzzle


The "All About" series are highly educational and entertaining. It provides many opportunities for both children and parents to discover the world around us whilst having so much fun. Whether it's playing with the magnetic pieces, reading the mini-encyclopedia, or going through the cue card learning fascinating facts about each series type.

ALL ABOUT ANIMALS: It is an ideal home study tool for children to learn about the animal kingdom. Based on the Part-to-Whole learning method, each animal is broken down into magnetic parts according to its features and children can discover the animal by taking in parts to form a whole animal. The set helps children to understand animals from part to whole and deepen their impression on animals with interesting puzzles. Also, learn fun facts about animal names, outlines, classifications, feeding habits, number of legs, body parts, features and functions, and takes children into the mystery of the animal kingdom.

What you need to know:

Package: 36.6cm X 29.2cm X 5.2cm


84-121 x Magnets | 1 Magnetic Play Board | 11-24 Interactive Q&A Cards | 1 Mini Encyclopedia | 1 Parent Guide
Age: 3-4+