SurfPaints Acrylic Markers - Pastel Set of 8


Paint pens for Surf Boards!

Add colour and creative flair to your next project with our vibrant acrylic markers. Create a display showcasing your signature style, or create personalised artwork for a special occasion or event.

These versatile markers can be used on paper, cardboard and more, making them a must-have for any art enthusiast! Each set comes with eight colours (turquoise, light blue, beige, orange, English red, wisteria violet & grey) containing 4mm bullet shaped nibs with replaceable nibs including the option of chisel shaped nibs. Our unique water soluble ink is ultra vibrant and dries quickly so you can enjoy your results right away.

What you need to know:

  • Pastel Colours include Turquoise, Light Blue, Beige, Orange, English Red, Wisteria, Violet & Grey
  • 4mm bullet shaped nibs
  • Travel Safe & non hazardous good to taken on your next journey
  • UV Fade Resistant & Waterproof  
  • Replaceable nibs including the option of Chisel shaped nibs
  • 100% recyclable packaging