Letters To Our Grandchild-Stationery Set with Envelopes

Type: Stationery
Pass a little bit of history onto your grandchild with this set of customisable letters. Each note provides space for grandparents to share stories about themselves, their family and life growing up. These special letter packs are the perfect keepsake for your grandchild, a lasting record of your family legacy and reminder of your love.

- Australian Made
- printed on environmentally friendly paper

Included in Pack:
- 28 sheets of note paper
- 2 x pages of wishes for your grandchild
- 16 x information sheets to record each grandparent’s history
- 10 x sheets of lined note paper
- 4 x C6 envelopes
- Pages are 14cm x 20cm in size. Each page is double sided with space to write on the front and a colourful backing on the opposite side.

Age: Adults