Connetix Tiles Magnetic Building Set- 212 Mega Pack


Watch ideas and designs come to life as children build rainbow coloured creations such as the classic Connetix rainbow, incredibly tall walls and towers, castles and houses, theme parks, robots, creatures, farm trucks and firetrucks, trains and train tracks – the possibilities really are limited only by your imagination with this pack!

Each pack includes:

12 x Large squares
6 x Large hexagons
36 x Small squares
36 x Equilateral triangles
36 x Right angle triangles
36 x Isosceles triangles
12 x Window pieces
12 x door pieces
12 x Rectangles
12 x fences
2 x car bases
Idea Booklet

Weight: 7.25 kg
Dimensions: 471 × 319 × 90 cm