MakeMUD Playdough Powder - Evergreen


This naturally green-coloured playdough powder, shimmering with flecks of red and silver, makes a beautifully base for all sorts of sensory play in the coming season. Its main component is sterilised sand to minimise food content, making an environmentally sustainable, soft and textured playdough for little fingers.

Perfect for small world play, sculpting, and stamping with pinecones, gumnuts and other nature finds, this 100% natural product is part of both our MakeMERRY and Summer Holidays collections for a limited time.

The natural sand/soil component has been safely sterilised to eliminate all live matter, then mixed with food-grade ingredients.

What you need to know:

-Requires hot water, directions on pouch

-Contains 200g of dry playdough mix

-Coloured with certified organic vegetable powder, may vary from product photos

-Sprinkled with certified biodegradable glitter made from plant cellulose

-No added fragrance

-Packaged in a certified compostable pouch

-Made playdough lasts for 6 months in airtight container

-Developed and handmade in Melbourne, Australia by Muddly Puddly Laboratory