Luna Eclipse Biodegradable Glitter-10ml


This might sound like a character from Sailor Moon or My Little Pony, but trust us...... it’s WAY cooler than that.

Remember that time you were taking a moonlit stroll? And those dolphins did the macarena and serenaded you with the native songs of their people?

This is like that. Only in glitter form. It’s a mix of fine and chunky and has been blessed by Mother Earth herself.

You're probably wondering what happens to your GLITTER when it's done all it can for you.

Well because it's made from plants, not plastic

No matter where it ends up Mother nature will consume it within her ample bosom, and break it down within 90 days.

It's Certified OK Biodegradable WATER this means guaranteed biodegradation in a natural environment.


NOT JUST FOR MAKE UP ....... use for arts and crafts, perfect for potion making and sparkling up sensory play, knead it into playdough or mix it in with slime.

Suitable for Face, Hair, Body, Nails it's FDA approved

No need for harsh glue

Use chapstick, paw paw balm, aloe vera gel or eyelash glue to pop glitter on using fingertips, or a brush.