Coloured Biodegradable Water Beads

Type: Toys & Games

Water beads are non-toxic, easy to use and encourage children to learn through sensory play, using hand-eye coordination - they are "slippery little suckers!"

What are they? They are teeny tiny little beads, about the size of a poppy seed before they are soaked in water after which they grow approximately 150 times their original size.

Ages 3 +


- Colour sorting & Counting

- Water play

- Colourful playground (in a bowl)

- Pretend cooking

- sensory play and fine motor skills development

- Bouncing and rolling

- fairy gardens ... make a fairy rainbow

- In the bath (remember to sieve them out before you let the plug out!)

- Dinosaur lands

- Stress relief!

Recycling them:

They won’t become exactly how they were out of the box, but you will get another go from them! Our water beads are biodegradable, simply put them in your garden when finished and cover with soil.


- Do not ingest

- These should be treated as water and not allowed in contact with moisture-sensitive surfaces or electrical appliances